Reinventing teaching in schools

Helping educators deploy and co-create innovative pedagogies towards holistic learning outcomes ∞

Comprehensive Lesson Plans

Crafted by a panel of curriculum designers, these plans are thoughtfully designed to align with NCF's milestones, guaranteeing age-appropriate content delivery at every stage

Integrated Theme-Based Books

Crafted by our curriculum experts, these theme-based books seamlessly complement lesson plans and foster love for reading while focusing on Numeracy, Literacy, and EVS components

Empowering Teacher Training

Provides specialized, hands-on training to teachers that aligns with 50 hours of Continuous Professional Development recommended by NEP 2020

About Us

Kaboodle Innovations is an educational organisation that helps schools and educators deploy and co-create innovative, creative, and practice-based pedagogies through cutting-edge use of technology.

Through ShuruAt, its flagship curriculum management programme, the organisation empowers schools and teachers access the state-of-the-art curriculum and instructional design, manage workload, and efficiently track students’ learning curve while augmenting teachers’ growth trajectories.

Kaboodle blends Montessori, Waldorf, Reggio Emelia, and HighScope methodologies to offer a master pedagogy, which is attuned to global standards of education and aligned with India's National Education Policy and National Curriculum Framework.

How We Work

Using the Three-Pillar Pedagogy





The TeachNiti Foundation

Kaboodle, in collaboration with the TeachNiti Foundation, strives to build a community of progressively empowered teachers. The TNF experts, certified by TTF, Canada, continually undergo upgradation and upskilling. Our CMS features a training system curated by these experts, complemented by exclusive workshops for user schools.



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