A CMS to Manage

Early Years

Education, Offline!

A Curriculum Management Programme packaged with theme based, integrated lesson plans and 360 degree holistic progress card and books mapped with the developmental milestones by NCF.

Comprehensive Lesson Plans

Crafted by a panel of curriculum designers, these plans are thoughtfully designed to align with NCF's milestones, guaranteeing age-appropriate content delivery at every stage.

Integrated Theme-Based Books

Crafted by our curriculum experts, these theme-based books seamlessly complement the lesson plans, fostering a love for reading while focusing on Numeracy, Literacy, and EVS.

Empowering Teachers Training

Providing specialized, hands-on training that aligns with the 50 hours of Continuous Professional Development recommended by NEP 2020.

About Us

Kaboodle is an innovative CURRICULUM MANAGEMENT PROGRAMME powered by AI. It is a comprehensive solution for schools to efficiently manage curriculum implementation in alignment with the National Education Policy (NEP).

With real-time tracking of teaching and learning, cutting-edge global standard teacher training programs, differentiated learning, and automated 360-degree holistic progress card generation, Kaboodle empowers educators to meet the needs of 21st-century learners using a trans-disciplinary approach and deliver better learning outcomes.

How We Work

Using the Three-Pillar Pedagogy





The TeachNiti Foundation

Kaboodle, in collaboration with the TeachNiti Foundation strives to build a community of progressively empowered teachers. The TNF experts, certified by TTF, Canada, continually undergo upgradation and upskilling. Our CMS features a training system curated by these experts, complemented by exclusive workshops for user schools.



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